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Mercedes-Benz XM3003


Multi-Norm SCAN Key-Beep Local / DX
Handheld (Porto) M-SCAN Roger-Beep RF-Gain
Base DW (Dual-Watch) Echo Mic-Gain
Mobile LCR (Last Channel Recal) Talk-Back RF-Power
12V NB (Noise-Blanker) Optional Din-Frame Frequency Display
24V ANL (Automatic Noise Limiter) Multiple Backlight Colors Frequency Counter
110V ESP (Electronic Speech Processor) Backlight Faceplate Frequency Counter Connector
220V Hi-Cut Lights Dimmer PC Programmable
Memory Channels ASC (Automatic Squelch) SWR-Meter Remote Display
CH8 CTCSS Modulation-Meter Remote Control Kit
CH9 DCS S-Meter Blue-Tooth
CH19 DTMF External S-Meter Connector PA (Public Address)
CH35 VOX RF-Power Meter TOT (time Out Timer)
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Dutch Importer

Manual Service Manual
Schematic Modification


Frequency Range 26.965 - 27.405 MHz
Frequency Steps
Channels 40
Power Output AM 1W

(W) 11,6cm X (H) 3,6cm X (D) 16,8cm

Also Sold As

Microfoon Wiring

  M-Tech Legend II

1. Audio

Mercedes-Benz XM3003

President Harry 2. Ground

President Harry II

President Henry 3. RX
President Henry 12V / 24V
Stabo XM3003 4. TX
Stabo XM3003e does not sell radios or amplifiers.


Price Discontinued
Special edition of the uniden build
Stabo XM3044 for Merceds-Benz Trucks.
Thank you Hunter Kings for the pictures.
Last Selling Price

Buy a Mercedes truck and get one for free!!!







 does not sell radios or amplifiers.  Last Update woensdag 17 mei 2017 / Best Viewed in 1280*1024